Sunday, November 29, 2009


it was nice to come home for the weekend. in all honesty, i really didn't care for thanksgiving this year for some reason... maybe it's the weather. doesn't feel very suitable for such wintry holidays. but it was a good clean fun couple of days. wish i could have seen a few more people but it was well worth the trip.

a little inspired after today. i want to improve on a lot of things... get an early start on my new years resolutions, if you will. i don't think i made a list last year but i think 2010 looks promising. for one, i want to be more organized... it never hurts to be too organized. and i want to get more involved with my church. focus more on my relationship with God. things i've been neglecting for way too long. now's the time.

i also want to learn how to cook. had some delish homemade food at a church potluck today... totally impressed! not only will this be a tremendous lift off of my wallet... it's just good common knowledge to have. i'd like to be able to host dinner parties of my own one day. better to start now and get a lot of practice while i'm not overly bogged down with work. :P

train in 6 hrs. work in 9. hard to believe i'll be back in dc in just a few... 2/3 more weeks of my undergrad career left... let's make it count, shall we?

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  1. enjoy the time you have left at school my darling :)