Monday, June 14, 2010


i'll admit it- i'm a bandwagon fan, and i don't follow sports unless there's a whole lotta hype behind it. ie. the olympics (winter- figureskating/kim yuna, speed skating || summer- opening ceremonies *yes, i'm a geek*, gymnastics, swimming- MICHAEL PHELPS! i'm a sucker for record breakers); baseball (wbc '09 japan/korea matchup; world series); march madness (bracket pools at work!!); football (superbowl commercials.. not so much for the game itself); nba finals (rooting for the celtics, fueled by my hatred for kobe); and now, the world cup (need i say more?).

cut to saturday morning as i grudgingly get my butt out of bed and head to Circle, the Aqua of nyc if you will, at 7 in the morning to cheer on South Korea in its first game against Greece.

yes, I know the flag is backwards :(

i can't say i regularly drink champagne & vodka any time before noon but this was an exception. booze flowing, free kimbap & cup ramen, and hundreds of Koreans decked out in their Red Devil gear-- truly an experience! i'll be back for all subsequent games, that's for sure.


  1. Hehe funny that in ny the celebrations were in a club! I heard in LA they rented out Staples Stadium and watched it on the jumbotron there!

  2. Staples *Center haha my bf would dieeee he's such a Lakers fan