Monday, July 19, 2010

work in progress

  • revamping this nasty little blog
  • saving funds for numerous things. imac is at the top of my list so far.
  • is it worth it to pay for fonts? an idea i'm toying with.
  • experimenting with light in my photography
  • restyling my wardrobe
  • finally bought a moodboard/corkboard and it is still in the shrinkwrap
  • p h o t o s h o p / w e b d e s i g n
note to self
  • donate clothes to goodwill - rid myself of the clutter
  • buy clothing racks for my room. drawers don't cut it.
note to others
  • all saints is amazing. late news, i know. deconstructed and almost abercrombielike perfectionism.. and the SHOES...
  • chopped a good 6? or so inches of my hair off this past week. felt liberating. you should try it some time.
  • you can download freeware that mimics the same functionalities of photoshop/photo editing software, but the bottom line is, it sucks. buy photoshop, skip the gimp crap. well worth your investment.

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