Tuesday, September 29, 2009


been a weird couple of days but i'm trying to get out of the funk... i always manage to put myself in the strangest situations...

well, i received one of the *best* birthday gifts ever this past weekend! the fujifilm instax mini. it's the camera zooey deschanel uses in 'yes man'... ever since i saw the movie i couldn't get the camera out of my head. thanks for the gift, oppa. :)

i've also signed up for black & white photography as my additional course for the semester... luckily i had a friend take the class before, so i'm using his camera and textbook (thus saving roughly $300 on materials?!). today i went to the photo store to buy the rest of my materials and walked out with $70 worth of film alone. gah. still need to buy about $200 worth of stuff. for someone who's so broke, i'm definitely choosing the wrong time to begin my journey in photography. oh well... at least there will be many pretty pictures to post on my blog! hopefully they'll be interesting, but most likely they'll just be pictures of rocks or trees in shades of gray...

birthday is tomorrow and i'm not too excited. more excited for dinner if anything. the ribeye at founding farmers is just too good.



  2. cute pictures with your boyfriend!

    photography is quite an expensive course... i completely empathize but it's all worth it in the end! you should definitely scan your negatives if your school has a fancy negative scanner - that way you can edit on photoshop!

    i hope you had a great birthday! i never get too excited about mine either...

  3. Sounds like it will be good :)

  4. sooo adorable, you guys are waay cute ;)

  5. That's a really sweet looking camera! Cute pics, too!

    I've always wanted to take a photography class, but I don't think I'm any good at it, hehe.