Wednesday, September 23, 2009

someone's gotta go.

kelly clarkson- already gone.

i feel so helpless sometimes. like there's too much going on and i can't handle it all... i can't breathe or focus. i sit there and think of all the ways that everything is going wrong. this is not ideal, folks... i have this incessant need to feel like i'm in control of everything that's going on in my life and when things seem slightly out of reach, i shut down...


anyways, my mom called yesterday and asked me what she should get me for my birthday. i've never been too keen on receiving gifts (idk, i always feel guilty) so of course i brushed it off and told her not to worry about sending anything. just to call and say hi when it's the day of. so for some reason my mom has this abnormal obsession with uggs... and she was SO insistent on buying me a new pair in chocolate brown... (O_o?!!!) i didn't really want to hurt her feelings and say ew, so i just... entertained the thought and gave in.

pointless story. i don't know where i was going with it... huh...

happy autumn, everyone.

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