Thursday, December 31, 2009


new years resolutions.
  1. get a job and work hard at it no matter what. must keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and that everything will fall into place.
  2. save up for [and buy] a car, computer, and camera. in that order. which leads to..
  3. become more financially prudent and independent.
  4. take better care of my body/health. i can't eat so much garbage any more. sad stuff, but important.
  5. smile more often & remember the goodness in life. all of God's blessings. why is it always easier to see the bad than the good? regardless, i need to stop being jealous of others and start to truly appreciate all the amazing things that i have in my life. things may not necessarily measure up to others, but i need to thank God nonetheless- i am so lucky in so many ways
  6. more "organic" time- knitting, cooking, laughing, making music, having fun- without the technology and useless noise.
  7. find my way back to my faith. and His teachings. i've come so far and gotten lost along the way. this is more of a long term thing but i'm just praying for consistency, not a radical change in my ways.
  8. be more thoughtful. i want the ones i love to know how much i care about them and adore them. i simply don't show it enough as it is.
  9. keep writing. i always tell myself to write more but i guess i just forget/get lazy. whether it be through blogging, writing journal entries, or writing more emails, i just need to keep writing.......
well, there you have it. i wish i could have more realistic, profound resolutions but that's all i could think up.... hm.

steph & i were talking about 2010 and all the crazy things that will happen in the next decade. 2010-2020 is my 22-32 y/o bracket. which means.... LOTS of graduations, engagements, weddings, BABIES?!, new jobs, lost jobs, traveling, moving, and............ my thirties. how surreal to think that 10 years ago, i was a clueless twelve year old minding my own business in 5th grade. it's both exciting and scary. but let's opt to be excited and happy, yes? i can't wait til we all start to get hitched and start our own little families... the thought makes me all tingly! ...but of course, let's give it til our LATE twenties at the least... i don't think i could handle so much change in my life within the next 3 years T_T.

i also rediscovered this timeline project i had to complete when i was 12- 10 years ago. how fitting. i think the assignment was to outline my life in 30 yrs... i had to choose a highlight for each year up until i was 12, and then guestimate what would happen each year after that until i turned 30.

12: *now* got braces.
14: have a good first year in high school - hah, awww.
20: go to europe/asia - didn't happen, sadly enough :(
25: get married - what the WHAT? ahh naive little jane...
26~30: have a *GREAT* life!!

man. maybe i should redo this project and outline the next 30 years of my life. from 22-52. oh dear...

at any rate. happy holidays everyone! i wish you all the best for 2010 and hope you had a great christmas. it's going to be weird to not go back to school within the next few weeks..... i feel uneasy but i suppose this is when my FUNEMPLOYMENT shall begin....

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