Thursday, January 14, 2010

new lease.

i'm officially employed!!!

got the offer today. couldn't have come at a better time- i needed this job in so many more ways than one :)

things i'm looking forward to at my new gig:
- making new friends/meeting new people
- seeing/decorating my workspace
- touring the building
- getting a company email address

and after watching way too many commercials today, i've FINALLY deducted what i've been trying to figure out for what seems like years: the white guy of the 'psych' duo [that weird tv show on USA] is the pirate from dodgeball! a lifechanging discovery.

loving these old school sex & the city reruns circa 2000. they show how much and so little new york has changed throughout the past 10 years...

alrighty, time to rest. so tired for some reason! each minute felt like an eternity today.. strange..

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