Monday, December 14, 2009

b&w finale.

i'm really glad i decided to take a fine arts class in my last semester of GW. why black & white photography? i've been meaning to learn all the fundamentals of photography on a broader scale- especially since i plan on investing in a DSLR sometime in the near future. even though digital doesn't require any darkroom knowledge, i still found everything i learned in the class to be extremely useful. my final portfolio is due tomorrow, and after spending 15+ long hours in the photo lab this weekend... i am extremely proud to show off all my hard work :)

(excuse the nasty scan quality... stupid school computers.)

01. depth of field

02. choice

03. qualities of light

04. self portrait

05. motion/shutter speed

06. choice

07. self portrait

08. motion/shutter speed

09. motion/shutter speed

10. choice


  1. nice self-portrait hun! i remember i had photo class in high school and loved it. those chemicals really are addicting aren't they? HAHA

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog, great pictures! It's really good to have taken a photography class to have the background before you jump into the DSLR world. I'm excited to see what other work you have done with your camera!