Monday, December 14, 2009

an open love letter.

often times i forget how spoiled i really am. those who know me well know i complain more often than i should (oops..) but i think steph summed it up best; i don't like to settle for things and rarely rest until i am truly satisfied, and this applies to all walks of my life. jobs, friendships, hobbies, love...?

i don't talk about him as much as i should, especially about all the amazing and wonderful things he's done for me in the past. it's not a particularly special day/anniversary for me to be writing about these kinds of things, but i'd like to say them now before i forget/before another day goes by without me giving him recognition..

a few months/years ago i stumbled upon this quote by bob marley on how to love a woman. cheesy as it may be, i fell in love with it, so smitten with the idea that some day i might be able to find a man who might love me keeping these very thoughts in mind. it was seemingly impossible and so far out of reach...

he sent me this via email today. i read it over line by line and began to tear up, haha- by the time i finished reading i was crying because i realized how much he had given me and how little i'd given in return. and how he's always been there for me, so faithfully, taking these words to heart (probably without realizing it at all).

too many times i've complained to him about being unhappy without taking the time to thank him for being him.. for that i'm infinitely sorry. i failed to realize all the amazing things about our relationship and focused on the negative, thinking that things weren't quite measuring up to my expectations and that everything was far from perfect... when perfection was only just a few inches away.

there are too many things that i can point out.. too many stories to tell.. but i'd just like to take this time to tell the world how truly blessed i am by having him in my life and how happy i am to be able to call him my boyfriend. he is making me a better person, day by day, and hopefully i'll be able to do the same for him some day.

oppa, i adore you. thank you for being you :) i promise i'll do better. you deserve nothing less.